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The tulip Columbus is a sumptuous, multi-layered bloom that develops beautifully for a show-stopping statement. Raspberry pink with cream coloured edges add a lively dimension, giving an oomph to your floral gifting. 


  • Tulips continue to grow after being cut in water, and can be trimmed to desired length or height. 
  • Tulips gravitate towards brightness, and stems are prone to lean towards light. 
  • Tulips are shape shifters, and is natural for the stems to droop or bend due to their pliable stems and/or heavy blooms.


  • Keep the flowers away from direct sunlight, and avoid extreme heat or cold temperatures.
  • Change the water every other day, or replenish if stems are above the waterline so your flowers stay fresh.


  • 35 cm to 45 cm depending on market availability